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Vermont Rainbows

Double rainbows broke out across Central Vermont Wednesday evening. Here are a few images from my blog followers and Facebook friends.

Off Into the Earth’s History

I’m off into this – the Grand Canyon after a snowstorm. From here in the snow and ice at 7000 feet above sea level on the South Rim, we’ll descend a mile in elevation, into the Precambrian and into warmth at the Colorado River.

Moonset: Day Two

A day after the full moon, here are three more images of the moon setting yesterday morning here beside the Gila River in southwestern New Mexico.

The Full Moonset Through Sycamores

The full moon setting yesterday morning behind cottonwoods and sycamores (still holding their rusty leaves) here along the Gila River in southwestern New Mexico.

Desert Snow

To my winter-deprived friends in the north, many of whom are now suffering rain or freezing rain, come to the desert. I offer you 10 images of birds and trees and farm buildings after a desert snowfall.

Sunrise Now

Sunrise minutes ago from my office in downtown Montpelier, Vermont.

That’s the Trinity United Methodist Church in the foreground and the First Baptist Church of Montpelier in the background. I was standing near the Unitarian Church.

Full Moon Rising

The full mooon rising over a ridgeline in Montpelier, Vermont, on Monday seemed to be a big hit on social media this week.

So here’s a reprise.

Next full moon: October 8.

War and Climate and Us

War and Climate and Us Required reading in The Times from Roy Scranton, a soldier, author and philosopher. In this gripping essay about war, climate and humanity is our future – a fate with scarce shelter in the Anthropocene. Scraton writes: Now, when…

Sunrise on Spruce Mountain

By Bryan on October 9, 2013  

Monhegan Report No. 3: Moonset to Moonrise

The sea is life here on Monhegan Island. But island communities also live close to the sky. Above is the full moon setting behind Manana and the Island Inn on Thursday morning. Twelve hours later, after a day of birding and walking and visiting with friends here, Ruth and I dashed out to Burnt Head to watch the (almost) full moon rise from the ocean.

Bye Bye Yankee

Last one out the door, turn off the lights. Vermont Yankee, our aging nuclear plant, announced today that it would close at the end of next year. So much for the plant’s green-washed moniker: “Safe, Clean, Reliable.” We tend to…