Bryan's Posts About Boston Globe

Refuge in a Flower and its Bee

While conducting casual research on one of my favorite flowers, I discovered something intrinsic to nature: escape and respite. (My latest essay for The Boston Globe.)

Be the Flame and the Moth

The profound diversity of life on Earth — flying now to your doorstep.

Silent Spring at 60

Were it published today, would Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring have had the same impact? My essay for The Boston Sunday Globe.

War and Nature

As a biologist here in the relative safety of New England, I’m struggling to reconcile the new life of spring emerging from the horrific shadows of Russia’s war on Ukraine.

Sex and Light

On the shortest day of the year, when most of us turn toward the light, I seek out creatures of the dark: moths mating in the cold.

My Extra Hour

Time marches on — but I have a plan to beat the clock on Sunday when we dial back clocks and devices an hour. I’ll save mine for nature. Here’s an essay for The Boston Globe.

A Fading Serenade

My essay, published Sunday in The Boston Globe, about aging as a field biologist — and finding new ways to save wildlife and wild places on a damaged planet.