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It appears you're using Internet Explorer or an early version of Edge, which is a bit like watching a black-and-white TV with "rabbit ears." You're missing symmetry, joy and actual knowledge — not only here on my website but across the internet. I suggest you upgrade to Chrome or Firefox. You’ll discover a lot more nature, maybe even actual rabbit ears.

— Bryan

Bryan's Calendar of Events

Bryan is on summer sabbatical from teaching and events.

Four Wings, a Million Prayers

Tuesday, March 9 6PM Live on Zoom

With extra eyes, biting or piercing mouth parts, or their roles as pests, insects are to many of us otherworldly. And yet in the raw and wild ways we ourselves like to experience the world, no animals are more exemplary — or accessible. In this program, sponsored by the Coastal Mountains Land Trust and the Camden Public Library, Bryan bring you millions of years of drama, even hope, embodied in three insects: a dragonfly, a butterfly and a caddisfly. Space is limited. Email Julia Pierce to reserve your spot »

Swamp Metalmark by Bryan Pfeiffer

Insects for Birders

April 2 7:30PM Live on Zoom

In this live virtual program, for the Essex County Ornithological Club, Bryan will use vivid images and practical tips to persuade you to start aiming your binoculars toward butterflies, dragonflies, fireflies, tiger beetles and other glittering insects, which E. O. Wilson calls “the little things that run the world.” This program is made possible by a gift from The Echo Charitable Foundation and is co-sponsored by PEM. Advance registration required »