Vermont’s New Damselfly and Dragonfly Atlas

Today we launched the Vermont Damselfly and Dragonfly Atlas, which allows anyone to report, track, study, discover or simply enjoy these charismatic insects.

By | April 21st, 2017|Dragonflies|3 Comments

April Clickbait

If nature blogs were as rhapsodic as BuzzFeed and other clickbait, they might read something like these.

By | April 11th, 2017|Being Outside, Birds, Botany, Butterflies, Reptiles and Amphibians|1 Comment

A Puff of Springtime from a Speckled Alder

Spring erupts from Specked Alder.

By | April 9th, 2017|Being Outside, Botany|0 Comments

A Poem for April

Here in Montpelier this morning, we've got snow and poetry. Poem City begins today.

By | April 1st, 2017|Writing|1 Comment

Happy Vernal Equinox

On this day with roughly 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness, I bring you two insects.

By | March 20th, 2017|Dragonflies, Earth and Sky, Tiger Beetles|Comments Off on Happy Vernal Equinox

Winter Butterflies

A butterfly slide show to join the odd winter warmth on the way here in New England.

By | February 23rd, 2017|Butterflies|1 Comment

Ruth Einstein’s Annual Super Bowl Decree

Wisdom and logic in Super Bowl predictions.

By | February 4th, 2017|Ruth Einstein's Super Bowl Predictions|23 Comments

Purple Sandpipers, Orange Lichen and Donald Trump

An oath for nature and a view from the Arctic on Inauguration Day.

By | January 21st, 2017|Being Outside, Civility, Politics|24 Comments

The Arctic Comes Visiting

A Snowy Owl and Purple Sandpipers, among other blasts from the Arctic here at Schoodic Point in Maine's Acadia National Park.

By | January 13th, 2017|Being Outside, Birds, Birdwatching|3 Comments

The Point of Schoodic Point

Warfare, birds, a sunset and news from Schoodic Point in Maine.

By | January 7th, 2017|Being Outside, Birds, Civility, Politics|8 Comments
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