Bryan's Posts About Birding Maps

Getting Gulls: The Map

Go forth and get gulls. As a bonus feature of my Getting Gulls workshop in Essex, Vermont, on December 1, I’m developing a crowd-sourced map to prime gull-watching sites in New England. It’s your gateway to gulls.

Got Geese?

Now that Snow Geese are returning to Vermont, track the migration with my 2016 Snow Goose Scoop. It’s one-stop shopping for the great white goose show.

Start Your Year with a Snowy Owl

Happy New Year. Now go find a Snowy Owl. I’ll guide you there with an interactive map of Snowy Owl sightings since December 1.

Chasing Spring 2014 – Warblers and Woodpeckers

Chasing the spring in North Carolina and other points northbound.

The Vermont Independence Birding Map

There is virtue in slowing down, staying put. Birders with limited physical mobility know this well. Here’s a map for them. These are Vermont birding sites with access for folks who might use a cane, walker or wheelchair.