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There is virtue in slowing down, staying put. Birders with limited physical mobility know this well. Here’s a map for them. These are Vermont birding sites with access for folks who might use a cane, walker or wheelchair.

Accessibility at some of these sites is more challenging than at others; some may not be suitable for wheelchairs. But in general these sites have reasonable parking (no roadside parking) and fairly easy access to a nice spot for enjoying birds. Vermont has many other “independence birding sites.” Please send me yours. Perhaps this map can go national.

DISCLAIMER: Many of these sites were suggested by other birders; as a result, I have not confirmed the suitability of access at all of them. If you find problems, please let me know. Thanks!

View Vermont Accessible Birding Sites in a larger map

  1. Pam MacPherson says:

    What an awesome contribution you are making with this map, Bryan! It WILL go national! One more way Vermont is a leader…

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