Bryan's Posts About Reptiles and Amphibians

Sex and Mayhem in a Pond

If you ever needed proof that females bear the worst when it comes to reproduction, here it is: Wood Frog amplexus. This is not murder and mayhem. It is mayhem and mating. We’ve got the video.

April Clickbait

If nature blogs were as rhapsodic as BuzzFeed and other clickbait, they might read something like these.

Breeding Wood Frogs

Wood Frog breeding pandemonium in a pond here in Montpelier, Vermont. Life (even death) can be tough for the females. I’ve got the video to prove it.

Subnivean Tadpole Migration

By Bryan on April 1, 2014 Ruth and I were fortunate to catch this rare and amazing tadpole migration on Mt. Hunger in Washington County, Vermont. Added on April 2, 2014: By the way, these tadpoles only move on April 1…

What’s This? No. 1

Here’s the debut image in my “What’s This?” challenge. The normal location for this twig is under water. I pulled it up for a photo on April 17, 2013. What are the little white lumps? The first to name them…