Subnivean Tadpole Migration

April 1, 2014  |  by Bryan  |  9 comments

By Bryan on April 1, 2014

Ruth and I were fortunate to catch this rare and amazing tadpole migration on Mt. Hunger in Washington County, Vermont.

Added on April 2, 2014:ย By the way, these tadpoles only move on April 1 of every year.

  1. Heiner says:

    I wish you’d helped the little guy that got stuck instead of just walking away chuckling!v

  2. coppsky says:

    think you can do the same april fools gag two years in a row and still get away with it? FOOLISH!

  3. dotlass says:

    Thanks for supplying my family April Fools joke – love it.

  4. You are prescient. I was just telling Sue Cloutier about this phenomenon a week or so ago. So glad you and Ruth braved the elements to get us this remarkable video. You are the best Bryan and btw, Happy Day! ๐Ÿ˜‰ john

  5. Gary Miller says:


  6. Judy Brook says:

    And a happy April Fool’s Day to you, too.

  7. Linda Gionti says:


  8. Bruce Flewelling says:

    They turn in to the dreaded Snow Leopard Frog!!