Bryan's Posts About Montpelier

First in Flower

The Eastern Bluebird, singing in a flight display overhead, put an end to winter. My day could have been complete. Then came the flowers.

The Virtue in Uncertainty

Lessons from the lovely, confusing butterflies here in my backyard — and most likely in yours.

Avocets and Hockey

A field biologist (and hockey fan) reviews the Montpelier Chamber Orchestra’s performance last night.

Naked in the Lake

Join me and my partner in paddling (and in life) Ruth Einstein this Friday in Montpelier for an adventure in water and wildlife.

The Dawn Chorus

If you rushed around before work this morning, cleaning snow from the car, dashing for coffee, contemplating the inbox, then you probably missed it — that faint echo of springtime: bird song.

Giant Butterflies in Montpelier

If you’ve got no plans to visit Texas or California or even the wilds of Vermont this summer to watch butterflies, wander down Main Street here in Montpelier. You’ll see some giants.

Montpelier Goes Wild

Spring Salamander and Summer Azure. Lesser Purple-fringed Orchid and Greater Celandine. Pineapple-Weed and Chocolate Tube Slime Mold. They were all among the more than a thousand living things we discovered here in Montpelier this past weekend.

Slimy Slug Sex in Your Own Backyard

Fasten your seatbelt. On these hot humid nights, slugs are doing it — wet, wild courtship and copulation like you’ve never seen.

Montpelier Wild No. 6: Scarlet Salutations

NOW WELCOMING VISITORS to Hubbard Park is a Scarlet Tanager. Sounding like an American Robin with a sore throat, he sings above Parkway Avenue – the southeast entrance road to Montpelier’s “Central Park.” Your only hindrances are the maple leaves, which might…

Montpelier Wild No. 5: Snowy Owl

Updated: April 20, 2014 Okay, we might call this edition of Montpelier Wild “East Montpelier Wild” (but close enough). This Snowy Owl, which I photographed on April 19, was still around Easter Morning. Find it along Towne Hill Road in…

Montpelier Wild No. 4: April Fireworks

In Monday’s heat the butterflies awoke. During our walk around Berlin Pond, where we noted 32 bird species, Ruth and I saw the year’s first butterflies: Mourning Cloak and Eastern Comma. They were also 2013’s last butterflies. These two species…

Montpelier Wild No. 3: Spring Birds

By Bryan on April 7, 2014 Spring migration is picking in the Capital City. On our rivers, through the woods and in our backyards, I’m encountering new arrivals nearly every day. Along our five-mile walking loop through the city on…