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If you’ve got no plans to visit Texas or California or even the wilds of Vermont this summer to watch butterflies, wander down Main Street here in Montpelier. Stop at Capitol Copy to see my giant butterfly montage in the front window.

My pals at our locally owned copy shop like to use my nature images to show off their big, honkin’ Canon printer — a miracle that converts computer image files of 1s and 0s into ink on paper. You want a four-foot-wide butterfly?  They can do that. You want a poster of your grandkids. Yep.

My montage includes one representative from each of the six butterfly families on Earth. (Vermont’s only deficiency is that we lack members of the family known as Metalmarks.)

Although I photographed these butterflies from various points across the continent, three of the species in the window should be familiar to many of you. Nope, Monarch isn’t among them. But you should be seeing the real thing anyway. Monarchs are having a great summer across the Northeast; I’m seeing lots of adults and caterpillars now. We can expect a strong fall migration.

Here’s a guide to those six images in the montage. But do stop by Capitol Copy if you get a chance. While you’re there say hello to the wonderful staff — even make a few copies or ship something somewhere.

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