If nature blogs were as rhapsodic as BuzzFeed and other clickbait, they might read something like these over-the-top items below. Whether you click or not, all this stuff is happening now — honest. So get outside.

April Fireworks

When you see this tiny songbird’s head explode in fireworks it will change your life forever. And the explosions are happening NOW across North America! Not far from your own backyard.  See for yourself. »

Frog Frenzy

In this video, a female Wood Frog wandered into a small roadside pond. When five males enter the pond, you won’t believe what happens next. What seem to be horrific is a matter of routine among Wood Frogs in spring. Just watch the video. »

Flower Power

When a professional photographer encountered this odd, tiny flower with no petals, he stopped to capture REVEALING macro images. What you see may change your life. You’ll be amazed at this flower’s crimson tentacles, which erupt now, even before the leaves come out. Put on sunglasses and see for yourself. »

Earth’s Most Rugged Butterflies

Think you know a butterfly? Thing again. You might suspect they’re some of the planet’s most fragile insects. But a few manage to survive the brutal winter — and come back to life in spring. It’s shocking! When you read this, butterflies might change your life forever. »