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— Bryan


The sea is life here on Monhegan Island. But island communities also live close to the sky. Above is the full moon setting behind Manana and the Island Inn on Thursday morning. Twelve hours later, after a day of birding and walking and visiting with friends here, Ruth and I dashed out to Burnt Head to watch the (almost) full moon rise from the ocean.


  1. Patti Haynes says:

    Simply gorgeous!!
    We plan on going there next September with Team Pipit so thanks for the preview Bryan.

  2. Sarah C-E says:


  3. Sue Stukey says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!

  4. Ah, life on the rolling sea! Well, at least where you have water on both sides of you! My all time favorite sunsets are far at sea in the Pacific when occasionally one is rewarded with the green flares just as the sun takes a dip. john

  5. Linda Kulas says:

    I hope that you have ordered a similar moonrise to moonset for our birding time at the end of the month! Beautiful. Thanks

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