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War and Climate and Us

Required reading in The Times from Roy Scranton, a soldier, author and philosopher. In this gripping essay about war, climate and humanity is our future – a fate with scarce shelter in the Anthropocene. Scraton writes:

Now, when I look into our future — into the Anthropocene — I see water rising up to wash out lower Manhattan. I see food riots, hurricanes, and climate refugees. I see 82nd Airborne soldiers shooting looters. I see grid failure, wrecked harbors, Fukushima waste, and plagues. I see Baghdad. I see the Rockaways. I see a strange, precarious world.

Our new home.

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  1. Linda Kulas says:

    Thank you for posting this with the link, Bryan. I can’t think of a more depressing article that I have ever read. My thoughts have been similar to Scranton’s with this most recent typhoon just confirming worst fears. The hardest thing of all is welcoming a new grandchild into such a world as this with this kind of dark and foreboding future. Truly apocalyptic. Linda

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