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TO MY WINTER-DEPRIVED FRIENDS in the north, many of whom are suffering rain or freezing rain right now, come to the desert. At my encampment along the Gila River in southwestern New Mexico, we got three inches of snow in the past few days. It won’t be here for long. So I offer you 10 images of birds and trees and farm buildings in the snow (including one of my cabin in the warmth).

  1. Ann Day says:

    One has to wonder what the birds are thinking, as some probably haven’t seen that much snow.
    Looks like a perfect place to write. Wish I could be in Vermont for your program on 2-15 in Montpelier.

  2. Rick Paradis says:

    Hi Bryan:

    Great images! I was in the Chihuahuan Desert in Southeast Arizona a few years ago in March with a group of UVM students when a freak snowstorm hit and dumped 6-7 inches of wet sticky snow. We had a fine time showing some of the local kids how to build snow forts and instructing them in the art of snowball warfare.

    Cheers, Rick

  3. I love the redwing blackbirds with the mule lower right. That is such a stunning picture. And I’ll admit…I don’t know enough about birds to know if those are redwing blackbirds. But what else COULD they be.

    that is a stunning picture.

  4. margaretosha says:

    My sister lives in New Mexico and has taken me to the Gila Mountains … it is so beautiful! Your photos are just stunning!

  5. Rollin Tebbetts says:

    Wow! Unreal! Have you seen one of my favorites. ..the Gila Monster?


    • Bryan says:

      I would have loved to have seen a Gila Monster, while watching a Gila Woodpecker along the Gila River in Gila, NM. More on all that later. Thanks, Rollin.

  6. K.P. McFarland says:

    The peacock is funny. Nice images.

  7. lindawurm says:

    So one of those photos is really startling!
    Did you get to White Sands? There is a full moon (almost) and you should absolutely visit!
    Great spot and thanks for the photos!

    • Bryan says:

      Hi Linda, Great to hear from you. I think I’ll watch the moon rise and the sun set here near the cabin. The big debate before leaving Vermont was: snow tires or not. We went without, which was the right choice. I’d hate to have been driving around on studded snows since late November (while it was warm). I could get the car out (with the chains) but I’ll save White Sands for later. I love not driving now. 🙂 I’ll probably walk up toward the Gila range this evening. I thing sunset and moonrise are about the same time tonight — at least out here.

  8. Sue Cloutier says:

    When you say, ‘my cabin,’ is it owned by you? Lovely setting. And yes, I am happy to see your photos.

    • Bryan says:

      Oh, no — not mine. It’s a month-long winter writing retreat. The Pantala book is on hold until I finish a book of essays, most of which will be done when I leave next week. Thanks for asking, Sue!

  9. martha Pfeiffer says:

    Breath taking!! Thank you.

  10. michele clark says:

    Love the cranes

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