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moonset-sycamore-1280x850The full moon setting yesterday morning behind cottonwoods and sycamores (still holding their rusty leaves) here along the Gila River in southwestern New Mexico.

  1. ann creaven says:

    -so beautiful….stopped my breath for a second..

  2. sandra bruggemann says:

    It can’t get any better than this photo. Beautiful, outstanding, etc.

  3. Rollin Tebbetts says:

    Wow! You still need to find the Gila Monster. ..


  4. Wow! Though I have to say the full moon coming up last night over Spruce Mountain seen through the maple tree branches and making shadows as bright as day on the snowfields up here on Upper Road was pretty spectacular too.

  5. Judy Brook says:

    Bryan, Are you sure that’s not an egg yolk covered with a branching red alga on a blue plate?

  6. Ginny Alfano says:

    Such a beautiful photo………..

  7. patrice johns says:

    incredible beauty! love your photos.

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