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Nature, Art, Music, Wine and Coffee in Montpelier

Two more reasons why Montpelier is the best city on planet Earth.

Grand Canyon Gratitude

Ruth and I had a blast during our “Naked in the Canyon” presentation in Montpelier Friday night. In case you missed it, here’s a short slide show with a fraction of what we shared during our evening together.

“Naked in the Canyon” This Friday in Montpelier

Ruth Einstein and I will bare all (almost) this Friday during tales of rock and river, of wildlife and wild walking in Grand Canyon National Park.

The Year in Flight

2015 is so almost over. It’s nearly history. So rather than offering you the predictable year-in-review, here’s 2016 in Preview — some of the life in flight that I expect to see in the new year. You might see it as well if you join me outside for a field trip or a seminar.

Monhegan Migration Update No. 6: Moonset

Moonset through clouds this morning from Monhegan Island, Maine.

Monhegan Migration Report No. 5: Life and Death in Flight

Here on Monhegan Island, the north winds deliver us migrating songbirds, and the raptors take them away.

Monhegan Migration Report No. 4: Summer Weather and Summer Tanagers

Three Merlins and three Sharp-shinned Hawks chased Northern Flickers in open warfare this morning, a natural event each fall on Monhegan.

Monhegan Migration Report No. 3: The Usual Oddities

THE USUAL RARE BIRDS HAVE ARRIVED. Yeah, it’s an oxymoron. How can rare birds be usual? Well, this is Monhegan Island, after all, where oddities (avian and human) are commodities. Take Lark Sparrow and Dickcissel, which basically breed no closer to…

Monhegan Migration Report No. 2: Yellow-breasted Chat

It’s all about the yellow now on Monehgan Island. Here’s the day-two report.

Monhegan Migration Report No. 1: The Second Sunrise (Redux)

Breaking news from Monhegan Island: Yellow-headed Blackbird.

Slimy Slug Sex in Your Own Backyard

Fasten your seatbelt. On these hot humid nights, slugs are doing it — wet, wild courtship and copulation like you’ve never seen.

My Digital Photography Workshops Return in April

My “Digital University” is back in session. Join me April 18 at the AVA Gallery and Art Center in Lebanon, New Hampshire, for two digital photography workshops. Sign up for either one – or both.