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FOR THE 150 PEOPLE WHO JOINED US, for the North Branch Nature Center (NBNC) here in Montpelier (the best city on the planet), and for the Grand Canyon itself, Ruth and I are most grateful. We had a blast during our “Naked in the Canyon” presentation for NBNC Friday night. In case you missed it, here’s a fraction of what we shared during our evening together. Ruth and I hope to see you for our next “Naked Outdoors” lecture!

  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Steve & I are SO sorry to have missed your presentation. Hopefully there will be another showing. Hope you are enjoying your new house.
    Where are you going your next journey ?

  3. Sara Backer says:

    Way to go, Erosion! A+ for sculpture class.

  4. Chip Darmstadt says:

    Thank you Bryan and Ruth for the terrific program! Live fiddle music, poetry, storytelling, captivating images and video – it was a multimedia extravaganza!

  5. louisegvw says:

    Wonderful photos – Thanks, Bryan!

  6. Stunning photography!

  7. David Dobbs says:

    Very nice, and very sorry I missed the show. Welcome back!

  8. Kit Hood says:


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