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2015 IS SO (ALMOST) OVER. It’s nearly history. So rather than offering you the predictable year-in-review, here’s 2016 in Preview — some of the life in flight that I expect to see in the new year. You might see some of it as well if you join me outside for a field trip or a seminar. Find all that on my Events page (which is still evolving with new outings for 2016).

I’ll only point out three exciting six-day seminars I’ll be teaching at the Eagle Hill Institute on the coast of Maine this summer: Better Birding in May, Butterflies and Moths in mid June, and Dragonflies in late June and early July. What I love most about Eagle Hill, besides the drop-dead gorgeous setting and amazing food, is that unlike a birding trip, during we move around from hotel to hotel, these seminars are based on Eagle Hill’s campus. We sleep in the same beds every night and we don’t drive much, which I love. Oh, we also eat amazing food.

One more year-end item before the images: I’ve updated my advice on choosing a point-and-shoot camera for wildlife. Find it for now at the top of my blog.

On to the slide show. It begins with flying things I won’t see in 2016 because, well, okay, I saw them in Costa Rica in 2015. Then, after the Resplendent Quetzal, I’ll move on to images of some of the birds, butterflies, moths and dragonflies we’ll be seeing see at Eagle Hill next year. Happy 2016, everyone! Thanks for visiting!

  1. sandra bruggemann says:

    Beautiful photos. Happy New Year. Sandra Bruggemann, Des Moines, IA

  2. Joan Thompson says:

    Gorgeous photos. What a great way to start the New Year. Thanks, Bryan
    Joan in Morrisville.

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