Still Life in Stick Season

American Pokeweed, not particularly common here in central Vermont, with fruits poisonous to us (but not to birds), glowed during my walk this morning above downtown Montpelier.

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Getting Gulls: The Map

Go forth and get gulls. As a bonus feature of my Getting Gulls workshop in Essex, Vermont, on December 1, I'm developing a crowd-sourced map to prime gull-watching sites in New England. It's your gateway to gulls.

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Got Gulls?

They are among the most successful birds on Earth, living from polar regions to parking lots, along shorelines or at sewage ponds. They can be elegant or brutish, ambitious or lazy. And even as they pose for us in plain sight, they can be notoriously hard to identify — but not any more. Getting Gulls, my new workshop, debuts Thursday, December 1 at 6:30PM in the Essex High School auditorium in Essex, Vermont.

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Cold Caddisflies Copulating

On a cold, miserable day at my home here in Vermont, a pair of caddisflies found time to "get hot" and make more caddisflies.

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Autumn EcoAlerts

Four reminders for you to look high, low and in between as you walk the cold, soggy paths this weekend.

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Got Geese?

Now that Snow Geese are returning to Vermont, track the migration with my 2016 Snow Goose Scoop. It's one-stop shopping for the great white goose show.

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A Butterfly and a Tribute to Glenn Jenks

During fall migration here on Monhegan Island, Maine: a butterfly and a memorial.

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Celebrate Our Future with Nature on September 17

We can save the world. Or at least change it for the better. So let’s honor North Branch Nature Center, which helps save the world and enrich our lives every single day. Join us for one of the year’s great eco-events — a grand, green gala — when we celebrate NBNC’s 20th Anniversary on September 17 starting at 6PM here in Montpelier

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Insects in Vermont Today – Naked in Norway on Wednesday

Tune in at noon today (Tuesday) for insects, and meet me and Ruth Wednesday for wildlife above the Arctic Circle.

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The Sunflower and the Butterfly: Together They Fall

When you kill a rare sunflower here in Vermont, you may also be killing a rare butterfly.

By | August 24th, 2016|Butterflies, Conservation Biology, Ecology and Conservation|12 Comments
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