Ghosts and Tiny Treasures — My Essay for Aeon

Ten years ago, I walked into the swamps of Arkansas to find a ghost — and perhaps some redemption for wildlife ... and for us.

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Sex, Light and Opportunism

Such elegant displays. Such ruthless opportunism. Find it now in sweet hardwoods near you.

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Happy Earth Day 2016

Greetings from Planet Earth on its day of recognition and celebration (which in my life is every day).

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Earth Day Week Events (including my “Audacity of Migration” talk on Friday)

Meet me in Waitsfield Friday night, April 22 (Earth Day), for amazing tales from the frontiers of migration. And have a look at where we human fit in a new "tree of life."

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Going Wild This Thursday in Thetford

Meet me at Thetford Academy this Thursday, April 14, at 7PM to explore the frontiers of the American backyard — and beyond.

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What’s This? No. 29

This thing has already begun to appear here in Vermont. Name it and be eligible to win neither fame nor fortune.

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Art and Winter (and Wildlife) this Friday Evening at the Shelburne Museum

Meet me and two artists for a panel discussion at the Shelburne Museum on Friday about art and winter here in Vermont.

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First in Flight

A moth of summer came visiting here in Montpelier yesterday. Its provenance I do not know. But it is nonetheless a sparkle for the changing season.

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Spring Creepers

Pity the brown creeper. A prisoner of the forest, the creeper seems unable to escape the gravitational pull of the tree trunk on which it creeps, ever upward, gleaning insects, spiders, and their eggs along the way. Or might it, actually, fly free and far?

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What’s This No. 28

Here are three things still hanging around Vermont this winter. Name them and be eligible to win $5 off any of my outings or workshops.

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