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A Snowy Owl, most likely an immature female, struck some nice poses for me in Randolph, Vermont, on Monday. Get all your Snowy Owl news this winter at my Snowy Owl Scoop.

  1. Ricka McNaughton says:

    Breathtaking capture of detail and character. Stone cold predator, comes with Scheherazade eyes and silk-fringed Samba dance pants.
    Sure. Why not.

    Is it true that when wet, these owls can’t fly? Somewhere I heard that the feathers’ soundproof qualities in flight come at the cost of (no) water resistance.

  2. Beautiful photos. Haven’t seen one down here this year — here’s hoping.

  3. Rollin Tebbetts says:

    Absolutely Gorgeous! The detail is amazing. These are keepers. Thanks!


  4. Ann Lewis says:

    Those are very nice photos, Bryan. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Judy Welna says:

    Wonderful shots of this gorgeous creature! I was there on Sunday…first time seeing a Snowy! The flight shot is great, but I love the fourth pic, which shows the fine feathers around the bill. And those marvelous eyes…

  6. Sandra Bruggemann says:

    Watch out Bryan. First photo she is flirting with you, smiling and wiggling her gorgeous wings. Whew!!

  7. Bev Marois says:

    Thanks for sharing – great photos – she’s beautiful!

  8. Ron Wiesen says:

    Is that a wink in the second photo???

  9. Judy Brook says:

    Oh, Bryan, she is marvelous! You sure captured her beauty in these stunning photos. Thank you.

  10. Mary OBrien says:

    Beautiful, thank you for posting!

  11. Linda Wurm says:

    Cute fluffy legs with killer talons at the bottom!! Great photo!

  12. Bob Mayer says:

    Methinks she’s in love! Nice shots!

  13. Ann says:

    Awesome photographs!

  14. michele clark says:

    Wow! These are great…

  15. Sally Edwards says:

    Beautiful images! I hope to see one of these magnificent creatures one of these days.

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