Snowy Owl in Randolph Center, Vermont

The Snowy Owl Scoop

Breaking news on the migration of Snowy Owls across North America

Summary Report – Wednesday, November 14

Snowy Owls are early this autumn. They moved south in unusually high numbers in October and remain at sites in New England, Quebec, Ontario, the upper Midwest and across central Canadian provinces. New owl sightings continue to trickle in throughout the region. Snowy Owls typically begin to move south in higher numbers in mid to late November. So we’ll know soon whether their numbers will increase appreciably this winter. I nonetheless expect additional owl discoveries in the next two weeks.

Find your owls on The Map link below. The Sightings link includes Snowy Owl sightings on the map plus “unconfirmed” reports that aren’t yet showing up on the map. I’ll be tracking the migration all winter. So watch this spot for regular updates. Onward!

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The Snowy Gallery

Click the grid to view the full gallery of recent sightings from eBird and the Macaulay Library from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.