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SNOWY OWLS ARE SHOWING UP in good numbers from the Northeast to the Great Lakes and Great Plains this month. We’re not yet sure about the magnitude of this winter’s incursion, but I expect more owls will turn up in coming weeks.

Drawing on the success of my Snow Goose Scoop, I’ve just launch the SNOWY OWL SCOOP with lots of resources for meeting all your Snowy Owl needs this winter, including a sightings map and image galleries. Check it out!

  1. Rollin Tebbetts says:

    Excellent work! Thanks for the info. I know they love airports.


  2. Ruth Stewart says:

    Bryan, I reported a sighting in ebird by a Winham County observer. I’m noticing in the ‘Snowy Scoop’ that the report shows up as unconfirmed. Does the status of that report ever change?

    • Bryan says:

      Hi Ruth,

      As soon as the eBird reviewer confirms it, the status will change — and it’ll show up on the map. I’m not sure who reviews for Windham County. Kent or Ian probably know. Great find!

  3. Barbara says:


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