Bryan's Posts About Dragonfly Society of the Americas

Boreal Snaketail (Ophiogomphus colubrinus)

DSA Update No. 4: Boreas

I’m north. How so? North enough for Boreal Snaketail (Ophiogomphus colubrinus). That’s him above. Yeah, I know, perhaps some of you aren’t getting excited about seeing a dragonfly “hanging” out like this. But for many of us here in Prince…

DSA Update No. 2: Northern Exposure

Nothing says I love you in the north like copulating Coenagrion interrogatum (Subarctic Bluets). I caught this pair in the act at the Gem Lakes area north of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. But another group, even more audacious than this, was the highlight…

DSA Update No. 1: Elusive Exclusive

You would almost never know that Stylurus notatus ranged far and wide across eastern portions of North America. Even the most skilled of us with nets rarely see this dragonfly. Hence its common name: Elusive Clubtail.

Glitter and Audacity on the Wing

We waded into ponds and rivers. We mucked around in fens and swamps. We swung our nets and clicked our shutters – all in pursuit of glitter and audacity on the wing. Nearly 50 intrepid souls convenced in Connecticut and…