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Calopteryx dimidiata (Sparkling Jewelwing)

Calopteryx dimidiata (Sparkling Jewelwing) / © Bryan Pfeiffer

We waded into ponds and rivers. We mucked around in fens and swamps. We swung our nets and clicked our shutters – all in pursuit of glitter and audacity on the wing.

Nearly 50 intrepid souls convenced in Connecticut and Rhode Island last weekend for the annual gathering of the Northeast chapter of the Dragonfly Society of the Americas. (Yeah, why aren’t you a member?) There we encountered at least 87 species. Among our highlights were rare encounters with adult Cobra Clubtails (Gomphus vastus) and Midland Clubtails (Gomphus fraternus) – even a Short-tailed Weasel. But we also chased butterflies, robberflies, orchids and just about anything else that flies, walks, hops, swims, slithers, or just sits there living on life’s long, green path.

A few images are below. Click on one to view them at your leisure (right and left arrow keys work best) or watch the slide show. I’ll update this post soon with a complete species list from the meeting. Thanks to Mike Thomas, Ginger Brown and Charlie Brown for making it happen!

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  1. These pictures are indescribably beautiful. Just unreal. A great camera plus a great eye Bryan Pfeiffer.

  2. How I love dragonflies and it’s colors! And their wings looks like little pixies 🙂 And I know who are afraid of them. How can they be afraid? 🙂
    Sofia G

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