Bryan's Posts About Being Human


For a guy who could easily be dead right now, I’m not feeling half bad.

Don’t Drain the Swamp

At long last, I stand with President Trump. Let us ridicule Washington no more as a swamp. A cesspool? Certainly. A sewer? Sure. But not a swamp. Not as a metaphor for our center of dysfunction, corruption and angry tweets. Swamps deserve far better.

A Eulogy for Coffee Corner

Another diner died on Sunday — Coffee Corner in my home city of Montpelier. Without Coffee Corner, Montpelier will still be the greatest city on Earth. But it will never be the same city.

Ruth Einstein’s Annual Super Bowl Proclamation

Wisdom and logic in Super Bowl declarations from my partner in love and life Ruth Einstein, who doesn’t care much for football.

Purple Sandpipers, Orange Lichen and Donald Trump

An oath for nature and a view from the Arctic on Inauguration Day.

The Point of Schoodic Point

Warfare, birds, a sunset and news from Schoodic Point in Maine.

Russian Burglars, Our Democracy and a Siberian Jay

Russian nature and the nature of our democracy.

A Butterfly and a Tribute to Glenn Jenks

During fall migration here on Monhegan Island, Maine: a butterfly and a memorial.

Earth Day Week Events (including my “Audacity of Migration” talk on Friday)

Meet me in Waitsfield Friday night, April 22 (Earth Day), for amazing tales from the frontiers of migration. And have a look at where we human fit in a new “tree of life.”

Going Wild This Thursday in Thetford

Meet me at Thetford Academy this Thursday, April 14, at 7PM to explore the frontiers of the American backyard — and beyond.

Messing with Texas

A bit of price-comparison shopping — a gallon of gas and a gallon of water — from just north of the Rio Grande Valley in southern Texas on 2 January 2016. I report; you decide.

On War and Hairdressing

My Veteran’s Day contribution comes from a precious friend, Erica Heilman, who produces radio exploring the depths, summits and dusky corners of the human condition. Over the course of two days, Erica interviewed Vaughn Hood, who was a 118-pound barber when he was drafted into the Vietnam War. Never have I heard anyone talk about the Vietnam War with such honesty and simple eloquence. Erica calls it “the story of an extraordinary American life.”