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Subarctic Bluets (Coenagrion interrogatum)

Dirty Insect Image No. 3

Valentine’s Day greetings from a pair of Subarctic Bluets (Coenagrion interrogatum) making more Subarctic Bluets at a pond in central Saskatchewan last summer.

What’s This? No. 17

On Darwin’s Birthday today, which is Darwin Day, my What’s This? challenge returns from a long vacation. This one I photographed in northern Vermont on 1 February 2014. Name it and win fame, recognition here on the blog and $5…

Icy Romance

In icy waters, ducks are getting hot.

Snowy Owls and Us

My essay on finding opportunity and humility in this winter’s irruption of Snowy Owls. For Aeon magazine.

Shadows and Sex

You don’t need Punxsutawney Phil to know which way the wind blows. Groundhog Day ain’t about shadows. It’s about sex. Birds and rodents are beginning a season of foreplay.

Life Among the Dead

Here in one of our great museum collections, I find warmth, diversity, shock, awe and innumerable stories of life on Earth.

A Winter Warbler

My essay on Yellow-rumped Warblers in winter is today’s feature (and my debut) on BirdNote, a daily meditation on birds airing online and on public radio stations across the country. I’ll be writing for BirdNote from time to time. Listen here…

The Year in Flight

They dwell on northern bogs and at ponds, and do what damselflies do: fly around, kill things and have sex. To casual observers, this pair of Subarctic Bluets (Coenagrion interrogatum) may appear no different than many other little blue damselflies…

December Gleanings

By Bryan on December 19, 2013 On the road writing, I’ll offer a few recent discoveries: The New York Times offers a fine account of the recent Monarch butterfly decline – and potential for a comeback. Aeon Magazine is an…

What’s This? No. 16

Our next What’s This? challenge materialized on December 4, 2013. Name it to win nature notoriety and $5 off any of my outings or workshops. Enter using the comments section below. (Fear not – I don’t publish incorrect answers.) Here are…

The Troubling Buzz on Bees

From my colleagues at the Vermont Center for Ecostudies: More than one-quarter of Vermont’s bumble bee species, which are vital crop pollinators, have either vanished or are in serious decline, according to a new investigation from the Vermont Center for…

What’s This? No. 15

My What’s This? challenge returns from a long vacation. Hint: It’s neither a turkey nor a football. Use the comments section below to name it and win little more than respect and $5 off any of my outings or workshops….