Sex, Lies and Butterflies, an adventure in glittering wings, airs today on a PBS station near you. My scene ended up on the cutting room floor, er, the digital trash bin. But my three-minutes of fame survives online. We’re in Maine chasing butterflies during the moth and butterfly seminar at the famed Eagle Hill Institute. The scene begins with three of my most cherished earthly possessions: my truck, my canoe and my insect net.

“Any day outside is a good day,” I say to kick off the segment.

So do watch the full episode (another production from the Emmy-winning Coneflower Studios for the series NATURE) — it’s a treasure, especially with snow in the forecast here in northern New England. (You’ll also be able to watch it online.) Soon enough, the first azures of the season will glitter blue and the over-wintering Milbert’s Tortoiseshells will be on the wing in search of mates, perhaps stopping now and then to take nectar from hepaticas and other early-spring flowers.

A Milbert’s Tortoiseshell visits Hepatica in Plainfield, Vermont.