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Rock Ptarmigan from above the Arctic Circle in Norway, photographed with a pocket super-zoom.

My 2018 digital camera review is now live on the Going Wild page here at There you’ll find my explainer on these point-and-shoot “bridge cameras,” which will serve many of you who’d rather not shoot with expensive SLRs and their interchangeable lenses. I also pick my favorites from this bunch of cameras. (Sorry, your iPhone isn’t good enough.) Read on! »

  1. Shirley Zundell says:

    Bryan, thanks for providing such helpful information, resources and wonderful photos. Your postings are always such a pleasure.

  2. Porky Reade says:

    Hi Bryan: I always enjoy your posts and look forward to each one. The Rock Ptarmigan is certainly a beautiful bird. What a thrill it must be to see one in person.
    Thanks for all the fun things you share with everyone.
    Best regards,

  3. Sally Edwards says:

    Wonderful images and great article. Love the rooster as well.

  4. Sally Edwards says:

    Great article and stunning images. I admit that I really like the rooster photo. Keep ’em coming!

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