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Getting Gulls: A Workshop and Virtual Field Trip
December 21, 2017 / North Branch Nature Center / 713 Elm Street, Montpelier, Vermont
7-8PM (with an optional extra hour for advanced gull identification)
Suggested $10 donation at the door, with all proceeds going to NBNC
They are among the most successful birds on the planet, living everywhere from the polar regions to parking lots, along shorelines or at sewage ponds. They can be elegant or brutish, ambitious or lazy. And even as they pose for us in plain sight, these birds can be notoriously hard to identify. Yet in this workshop you will finally be “Getting Gulls.” My system for gull identification will even demystify one birdwatching’s greatest challenges: immature gulls. With images, videos, exuberance, and my odd sense of humor, you’ll become a better birdwatcher — maybe even a better person. You want elegance on the wing? Audacity on the beach? You gotta get with gulls. I hope to see you there on Thursday, December 21.
This event is a fundraiser for my favorite nature center. So you’ll be learning gulls and helping North Branch Nature Center to, well, you know — save the world through nature.
By the way, the day after I gave this talk for Green Mountain Audubon last year, a few birders who attended began finding Iceland Gull and Glaucous Gull here in Vermont. Coincidence? Correlation? Causation? Hey, I’m just sayin’. I report; you decide.
  1. Dick Harlow says:

    How about doing one in the afternoon rather than the evening so an old guy like me can come from the western part of the state and learn something new?

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