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WE CAN SAVE THE WORLD. Or at least change it for the better. So let’s honor North Branch Nature Center, which helps save the world and enrich our lives every single day. Join us for one of the year’s great eco-events — a grand, green gala — when we celebrate NBNC’s 20th Anniversary on September 17 starting at 6PM here in Montpelier. But buy your tickets now — before this Friday!

From the day NBNC opened its doors and its trails at a big, slow bend in the North Branch of the Winooski River, I’ve been a volunteer and cheerleader (even a one-time employee) for this small nature center with a giant heart. Even if you’ve never been there, even if you live outside of Montpelier, you should come to the gala. If you value nature — what birds and butterflies and botany offer our children, what walking trails do for our souls, and how NBNC shall expand and succeed yet even more in the next 20 years — please come to the gala.

Together we will drink, dine, toast, dance and have gratitude for this gem of nature and its dedicated staff. We’ll also be supporting NBNC’s capital campaign so that all of us — not only those of us who live in Montpelier — will have a better future with nature for the next 20 years and beyond.

Tickets are going fast. It would help to know who’s coming by this Friday. So please register now. If there’s ever an occasion for which I would prefer to see you indoors instead of outdoors, this is it. We’ve got lots to celebrate. Let’s do it together. I’ll see you on the 17th.


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  1. Ruth Stewart says:

    My congratulations to Chip and the entire crew – past and present for your successes and the impact you have had on exploring, researching, educating and sharing VT’s natural world! May there be 20 more…

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