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ONE OF THESE is Red-eyed Vireo poop, dropped onto the left leg of my well-worn Carhartts just a few hours ago at my home here in Montpelier, Vermont. Another is an actual moth called Eudryas granta (Beautiful Wood Nymph), which visited my UV light here two nights ago.

I report; you decide.

  1. sandra bruggemann says:

    The moth is prettier, the poop on your pants looks like crap.

  2. Kit Hood says:

    Speaking of mimics, I have Great Swallowtail butterflies whose eggs are laid end on my Gas Plant. When they hatch the caterpillars look just like bird turds. Kit Hood

  3. Ann Lewis says:

    I just want to know how long it took you to get a Red-eyed Vireo to poop on your leg.

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