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Meet me at Thetford Academy this Thursday, April 14, at 7PM to explore the frontiers of the American backyard. With images like this one, I’ll offer practical advice for creating wildlife habitat in the yard and developing a wildlife ethic for the home planet. You may be shocked to learn what’s flying around back there. This is a special presentation brought to you by the Thetford and West Fairlee Conservation Commissions. And it’s free!

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  1. raharlow2013 says:

    Bayan, I would be there if it was at 1 or 2PM, but when you’re almost 80 I don’t drive at night unless it’s an emergency! Plus, where ever I’ve lived I’ve tried to make my yard, my outdoor space, as much a wildlife habitat as possible.
    Good luck on the talk – convert as many as possible!!

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