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Meet me and two artists on Friday, from 6-7PM, for a panel discussion at the Shelburne Museum about art and winter here in Vermont. We’ve been invited as part of the museum’s exhibit 32 Degrees: The Art of Winter. Joining me will be dry stone mason and jazz musician Jamie Masefield and artist Susan Raber-Bray, who teaches environmental art with natural materials at the University of Vermont. For my part, I’ll reveal the art of how animals (including that Baltimore Checkerspot above, in all its forms) survive winter in the cold. We’ll also discuss the human animal. Admission to the event is $5 (free for museum members). We’ll open up the discussion to audience members as well. See you there!

  1. Ginny Garrison says:

    What a stunning butterfly, in ALL its forms! Great pictures! I’m sorry I can’t make the discussion Friday. It sounds really interesting.

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