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A seasonal repair job on my beloved 2004 Toyota Tacoma. 

Credit for this play on the “Take Back Vermont” mantra where credit is due: my pal Gregory Sanford, archivist, historian and defender of Vermont’s most sacred and threatened traditions (like duct tape repairs).

  1. Susan from Boise says:

    Move to Idaho! They don’t use salt on the roads, in fact they don’t even plow the roads in Boise. Just wait for the sun to come out and melt everything.

  2. What, no baling wire?

  3. Susan rogers says:

    People thought that slogan meant bring back a souvenir from Vermont.

  4. Jim Ludwig says:

    I have a 9 year old Tacoma with NO RUST. Under coat each year. 230K and ascending. Great macines and thanks for the birds.
    Best, ~~~~~~~~~~ Jim Ludwig, Tunbridge VT

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