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Gila Woodpecker along the Gila River in Gila, New Mexico. / © Bryan Pfeiffer

I have seen a Virginia Rail in Virginia, an Arctic Tern in the Arctic, a Mangrove Cuckoo in a mangrove, a Juniper Titmouse in a juniper, a Canada Warbler in Canada, a Rock Ptarmigan on a rock, a House Finch on a house, and many other “double bird scores.” You get the idea.

But never could I claim a triple. Until now. So let it be known to all who care (both of you) that on December 17, 2014, along the Gila River, in the town of Gila New Mexico, I spotted a Gila Woodpecker.

If I were birding in European football circles, they’d call this “the treble.” So take that, Manchester United, which, as everyone knows, achieved “the impossible dream” in 1998-1999 when they* won the English League, the F.A.Cup and the European Cup in the same season. The Treble – a big deal.

Anyone else got a birding treble? Or even a quad? Write it up in the comments section below. I’ll feature them in another blog post.

Come to think of it, the Gila National Forest is only a few miles away. Oh, the possibilities….

* Note that in British English a collective noun takes a plural pronoun.

  1. Hope I’m not too late to report this incredible sighting from over the holidays…An Elf Owl eating an Elf butterfly (Microtia elva) while sitting on one of Santa’s elves. No Elvin Skimmers involved, as far as I know!

  2. Hey, I’m just back from the middle of the ocean, where I saw quite a few Hawaiian Coots on Hawaii (the Big Island), Hawaii. I was on Hawaii time having a Hawaii vacation with Hawaii sunsets every night. Where’s my trophy?

  3. Rollin Tebbetts says:

    Love it. about a Barn Swallow, in a barn, during a barn dance…in Barnstable.

  4. Dave says:

    I was born in Nashville, TN 80 years ago. A few years ago, I saw a Nashville warbler and a Tennessee Warbler at the same time and place — in Texas.


  5. Rich Vial says:

    You continue to provide me with challenges to fill the balance of live with bird opportunities. Thanks, Rich

  6. Kyle says:

    Hmmm….in the almost category, I saw a singing chat in Bethel this spring, not from from the area known as the Chateauguay. That would be a chat chatting in the chateauguay. And if it had defecated, well then it would be a chatting chat that shat in the chateauguay.

  7. Once I saw a House Sparrow on a house from inside another house while watching “House” on TV.

    Nah, I just made that up.

  8. claudia says:

    Bryan! I went to Gila when I was in NM! Just for a couple of days, but WOW. You are killing me with these posts of those amazing place I have been to. We must get together when you guys return. That is, IF you return (smile). I was skate skiing yesterday thinking of Ruth. Love to you both.

  9. sue Cloutier says:

    How about seeing a Gila monster there too?

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