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How I have admired Sweden from afar: Carl Linnaeus. The practical Socialism. The Swedes named Lindström, Holström, Zetterberg and others who have helped my Detroit Red Wings win ice hockey’s Stanley Cup.

I am afar no more. Now I love Sweden from within. Ruth and I are on train north toward a boreal palace of conifers, bogs and more friends. We have just left the boundless kindness of Bitte and Kotten and their small farm in southern Sweden. Before departing, we helped them bring in (mostly by pitchfork and sweat) three months of hay for the sheep. That’s Bitte behind me.

We’re finding time to chase nature here. Rather than hauling all my camera gear (big lenses), I’m packing a Panasonic 30x point-and-shoot. Until I blog rhapsodically about this camera, allow me to call it a miracle in my pocket. And until flashier wildlife forthcoming, here’s a Thrush Nightingale shot hand-held at 30x. You can see the Nightingale’s meal of a sow bug and a bee (or bee mimic).  Oh, by the way, Air France found my luggage.



  1. lindawurm says:

    Oh those long days of northern summers! Please ask someone how to pronounce “Ma(with 2 dots above)ngata”. I read it is a word for the lovely silver road moonlight creates on a body of water.
    Thanks, Bryan!

  2. martha Pfeiffer, (no kin to Bryan) says:

    Love your journey.

  3. Polly Alexander says:

    Sounds like a wonderful trip. Perfect timing on this post. I was about to email you for recommendations for my next point and shoot. Awaiting the rhapsodic blog post that might enlighten me. Coming to PDX this summer?

  4. Robert Barasch says:

    What an amazing journey you and Ruth are taking! I won’t be surprised if I get a posting from the space station, or the moon. Bob Barasch

  5. Sue Cloutier says:

    Glad to hear you are on your way. I was concerned about the lost luggage. Nice to see you earning your keep in the fields. I hope all items of luggage were recovered. Best wishes for the rest of your journey.

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