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Valentine’s Day greetings from a pair of Subarctic Bluets (Coenagrion interrogatum) making more Subarctic Bluets at a pond in central Saskatchewan last summer. They’re in what we call the “copulatory wheel” – with the male, um, er, on top securing the female (at a point behind her head) with clamps (cerci and paraprocts) at the tip of his abdomen. She’s receiving sperm from genitalia located at the base of his abdomen (near his legs). Scroll down for “a different angle” and your valentine. (And find the complete set of Dirty Insect Images here.)


  1. Susan says:

    Too funny. How do you think of these things!

  2. Wonderful, Bryan! Best wishes to you for a Happy Valentine’s Day & many thanks for the excellent photography & nature information you so generously share!

  3. Sue Cloutier says:

    Happy day to you too, Bryan! Nice to have Ode season reminders as we get another 5 inches of snow today.

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