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By Bryan on August 25, 2013


Perhaps this will be a new blog feature: insects, um, er, you know, making more insects. I’ve got scores of these. I’ll begin with this copulating pair of White-faced Meadowhawks (Sympetrum obtrusum), which I photographed in Ferdinand, Vermont, yesterday. You’ll find lots of this species and similar meadowhawks now flying at ponds and wetlands and in fields near you. The male is, well, on top. I owe you all a blog post on the unique and kinky mating habits of dragonflies.

  1. martha Pfeiffer, (no kin to Bryan) says:

    Rarely do I get close enough with my Point & Shoot Canon to get any detail in my photos so I am fascinated by
    the detail in your dragonflies. Send more, please.

    Martha Pfeiffer

  2. vermonter says:

    Please enjoy my friend David Levine’s blog, where he posts the occasional piece of flower porn…

  3. Linda Wurm says:

    love the dragonflies regardless of activity!

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