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pipsissewa-730x1000Here’s a rare sight — at least for me. For whatever reason (and I can provide none credible), I had never seen Pipsissewa (Chimaphila umbellata) in bloom. So here’s a “life inflorescence” from the woods near a bog in north-central Saskatchewan on July 17, 2013. It’s an evergreen (the genus Chimaphila means “winter-loving”) with an umbrella-like bloom (umbellata) shared by some of its relatives in the family Ericaceae Pyrolaceae, including the Pyrolas. Or, as we move into the season of asters and goldenrods, dispense with the details and simply enjoy this plant. I did.

  1. Petee says:

    I have 3 plants in my NW Montana woodland property and I anxiously look at it everyday (for years of summers now), and have never seen it bloom. I did find one blooming 3 summers ago — relatively nearby while huckleberry picking!

    This Prince is going to keep me waiting in anticipation it appears. But, someday, my Prince will come!

  2. Wade says:

    It seems to blossom in Maine in the beginning of July which is late for most woodland wildflowers.

  3. Ruth Stewart says:

    Bryan, We have a family camp on L Winnepausaukee in NH. Every year when my grandmother arrived for the summer, she would dig and pot the lovely Pipsissewa from the island woods and have it as the centerpiece on our table all summer. It was one of the first plants whose name I learned… just rolls off the tongue. It still can be found there.

    ruth stewart

  4. Molly Martin says:

    As long ago as the 40s and 50s, I used to hear my mother comment about this plant when she occasionally saw it in the woods in southern New Jersey. It was rare then and rarer today. Lovely photo. Thanks for sharing. Molly Martin, August 14, 2013

  5. john says:

    Haven’t seen this one since the mountains of VA many years ago. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Joan Ray says:

    I used to see this fairly often out in Colorado, but haven’t seen it in bloom once since I moved back to Maine… I have seen the leaves from it (no flowers) in just one location in the midcoast Maine area, but it’s not very common around here. I miss this one – it’s beautiful and I’d love to see it again. Thanks for sharing the picture!

  7. Dick Harlow says:

    Nice shot Bryan!!

  8. Kathy Hudson says:

    Found some in central Maine 10 years ago. A thrill really. 🙂 K

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