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My Digital Photography Workshops Return in April

My “Digital University” is back in session. Join me April 18 at the AVA Gallery and Art Center in Lebanon, New Hampshire, for two digital photography workshops. Sign up for either one – or both.

Discover Butterflies and Moths this Summer

They flutter and float, shummer and sparkle, in our backyards and our bogs, in meadows and on mountains. No summer is complete without them. And now you can discover and enjoy butterflies and moths during a one-week field seminar I’m co-teaching this summer in Maine.

Discover Dragonflies During My Summer Seminar

Pick any scene from the drama of life on Earth: birth, growth, beauty, courtship, reproduction, betrayal, murder. Find them all expressed in the lives of dragonflies. Shakespeare could have written the script for these insects. And now you can join the drama with my summer dragonfly and damselfly seminar near the Maine coast.

Going Wild: Point-and-Shoot Cameras for Wildlife Photography – 2018

Sorry, your iPhone isn’t good enough for wildlife photography. I don’t care what the besotted tech writers at The New York Times say about the cameras on our gadgets. If you want wildlife photos, get a real camera. And if you don’t want to mess with big cameras and serious lenses, I’ll now solve your digital dilemma.

The Year in Flight

They dwell on northern bogs and at ponds, and do what damselflies do: fly around, kill things and have sex. To casual observers, this pair of Subarctic Bluets (Coenagrion interrogatum) may appear no different than many other little blue damselflies…

The Glow Over Montpelier

Borderlines by Terry Allen

By Bryan on August 22, 2013. Here’s a reason to go to the hospital – stat: Terry Allen’s exhibit of photography from around the planet ends Monday morning at Central Vermont Medical Center in Berlin. Get there to see these…

Mid-Priced Spotting Scopes

IT MUST BE TOUGH BEING AN INVESTMENT BANKER or hedge fund manager. So many pricey spotting scopes; so little time. Swarovski, Leica or Kowa? How does the one percent decide? Life is so unfair for them. But if you’re among the…

Buying Binoculars

It is a monumental decision in the life of any birdwatcher. At stake is nothing less than the pleasure you get in the company of birds. So here is some wisdom on buying and using binoculars. Magnification and Light First…