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Orchids and Ornithology

Ruth watches a Nashville Warbler in the good company of Yellow Lady’s Slippers in Wolcott, Vermont.

The Most Elegant Plant in the Woods

IN THE STRUGGLE FOR STATURE, a tiny plant might find no greater sponsor than biologist Carl Linnaeus. The father of modern taxonomy had a fondness for Twinflower. But it shouldn’t take the guy who brought order to nature to bring…

What’s This? No. 8

Nope, it’s not mutant cotton candy (sorry, Sara). But What’s This? No. 8, from Vermont today (May 27), is fairly easy compared to most of the other What’s This? challenges. Name it and win $5 off any of my outings…

April Fireworks

If you walk too fast, splattering mud along the trail or searching for the season’s first Hermit Thrush, you will miss the fireworks within your reach.