Bryan's Posts About Politics and Civility

Ruth Einstein’s Annual Super Bowl Proclamation

Wisdom and logic in Super Bowl declarations from my partner in love and life Ruth Einstein, who doesn’t care much for football. Oh, and some owl photos.

Purple Sandpipers, Orange Lichen and Donald Trump

An oath for nature and a view from the Arctic on Inauguration Day.

The Point of Schoodic Point

Warfare, birds, a sunset and news from Schoodic Point in Maine.

Russian Burglars, Our Democracy and a Siberian Jay

Russian nature and the nature of our democracy.

Hillary and Me

Hillary Clinton’s Secret Service agents were on to me. I knew it the moment one of them began talking into a microphone hidden in his sleeve. As I maneuvered through a crowd toward Hillary, two agents advanced on me. “If you don’t leave now,” one of them, the tall one, the scary one, said politely, “we’ll take you out of here.”

Won’t Write for Food

By Bryan on October 28, 2013. Two worthy dispatches from the writing life: In Saturday’s New York Times, Tim Kreider, in Slaves of the Internet, Unite!, lampoons editors and publishers who ask writers to work for nothing. What Kreider missed was that this…

Killing My Kindle

By Bryan Pfeiffer (for Vermont Public Radio) Downtown Montpelier is lucky enough to have three independent bookstores, a pleasing blend of creaky wooden floors, informed employees, hand-made signs, and a wise selection of titles. Not long ago, Ruth and I…