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Every now and then I take a selfie with an insect. Well, technically these don’t qualify as selfies because they are not taken on purpose. I guess they count as photobombs. See for yourself by clicking either image above for the full reveal.

On your left, you’ll find me — or at least an apparition of me — in downtown Montpelier, Vermont, with the most amazing dragonfly on the planet, Wandering Glider (Pantala flavescens), which flies on every continent except Antarctica (give it time) and can actually cross oceans. It’s been a great summer for them. And on the right, that’s me with Black Swallowtail (Papilio polyxenes) in my backyard 10 days ago.

These are accidental self portraits during my routine meanderings. If I happen upon something flying around, whose presence I might want to document for the “official records,” out comes the iPhone for a quick voucher photo for iNaturalist (which, by the way, you might want to explore if you haven’t already). Below are more respectable images of each (without me, but taken by me).

Got any similar accidental shots of you with flying things? Send them along and I’ll add them to this post. Thanks!

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