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Reed Webster found this Snowy Owl in Westminster, Vermont, on October 25 – our first report of the season. The Arctic has come visiting a bit early this fall. When they do come, Snowys usually begin to arrive here in New England by mid to late November.

But more Snowy Owls may be in our future. My quick look at an eBird map reveals that Snowys are already showing up elsewhere south of their breeding range (those blue and red markers on the map below). Notable is a report from the Isle of Shoals off the New Hampshire coast on August 4. August 4!

Reed returned the next day and didn’t relocate the owl. But we should all start looking for white out there. As this map suggests, a good place to begin is near big bodies of water. To get you in the mood, here’s my essay in Aeon Magazine about finding humility during last winter’s owl invasion. And thanks to Reed for his image!


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