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What’s This? No. 21

My next What’s This? nature challenge was along the Gila River in southwestern New Mexico last week. I won’t reveal whether this is animal, vegetable, mineral or other

Northbound in Sweden

How I have admired Sweden from afar: Carl Linnaeus. The practical Socialism. The Swedes named Lindström, Holström, Zetterberg and others who have helped my Detroit Red Wings win ice hockey’s Stanley Cup. I am afar no more. Now I love…

Buying Binoculars

It is a monumental decision in the life of any birdwatcher. At stake is nothing less than the pleasure you get in the company of birds. So here is some wisdom on buying and using binoculars. Magnification and Light First…

Going Wild: Point-and-Shoot Cameras for Wildlife Photography – 2018

Sorry, your iPhone isn’t good enough for wildlife photography. I don’t care what the besotted tech writers at The New York Times say about the cameras on our gadgets. If you want wildlife photos, get a real camera. And if you don’t want to mess with big cameras and serious lenses, I’ll now solve your digital dilemma.

What’s This? No. 24

Well, okay, you can probably tell that my latest What’s This? nature challenge is atypical — neither fur nor feather, fern nor fritillary. Or is it?

Point-and-Shoot Cameras for Nature Photography

Everything you need to know about cameras for botany, birds and other wildlife and nature photography, including 2021 camera reviews and recommendations.

A Field Guide to Field Guides

Bryan Pfeiffer’s advice and resources for helping you to learn more nature — everything from birds to butterflies, from oaks to orchids.

Zebras and Us

When I saw this dragonfly, I wet my pants. Okay, I was standing in Lewis Creek, so that’s actually how I wet my pants. But this dragonfly makes me euphoric. And I’m not entirely sure why. So I’m developing a theory on wildlife and aesthetics.

What’s This? No. 27

Animal, mineral or extra-terrestrial? Here’s your next What’s This? nature challenge.

What’s This? No. 4

Our next installment of What’s This? was growing in northern hardwoods on the way to the summit of Burnt Rock Mountain in Fayston, Vermont, on August 7, 2011. Name what you’re seeing here, including species, and win $5 off any of…