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— Bryan

Summer Tanager by Bryan Pfeiffer


Online Courses, Workshops and Short Tutorials

The sparkle of a fritillary. The serenade of a warbler. The shock of an orchid. Learn and discover nature at your own pace among Bryan’s slate of online seminars and tutorials. In each session, Bryan offers essential and practical information, presented with images and videos, exuberance and often a bit of humor.

2021 Online Seminars and Talks

Bryan is hard at work moving his most popular talks and seminars online for viewing whenever you see fit and as often as you would like. Watch this space as details and new offerings become available.

Regal Fritillary by Bryan Pfeiffer

Butterfly Identification and Ecology

6 Weeks Starting May 30 Three pricing options: $85 — $150 — $325

Discover, study, and enjoy butterflies at your own pace during their peak flight seasons across the continent. Designed for beginning or advancing lepidopterists, this six-week course will cover butterfly taxonomy, behavior, field techniques (including netting and photography) and classic identification challenges. It also includes joy — lots of joy. Get details »

Dragonfly Identification and Ecology

6 weeks June-July Details in March

Discover practical field skills for locating and identifying some of the most audacious animals on earth. You'll learn visual identification (through binoculars), catch-and-release identification, specimen collection, nymph identification and (for those interested) photography. Details coming in March.

Solving Sparrows

2 hours $10 Available Mar 10

There is joy to be found among the “little brown birds.” Yet so many birdwatchers lose patience and opportunity among sparrows. No more. In this two-hour webinar, Bryan demystifies sparrow identification for novice and advancing birdwatchers.

Point-and-Shoot Birds

3 hours $15 Available Apr 1

This three-hour seminar covers the essentials for capturing bird image with your mega-zoom, point-and-shoot camera. You'll learn metering, ISO, aperture priority, burst shooting. And you'll conquer buttons, dials and menus to get your shots.

Getting Gulls

2 hours $10 Available in April

They are among the most successful birds on the planet, living everywhere from the polar regions to parking lots. Yet gulls can be notoriously hard to identify. With help from this two-hour seminar, you'll be getting gulls (including immatures) like never before.

Arctia caja by Bryan Pfeiffer

Point-and-shoot Moths

2 hours $15 Coming in June

Your point-and-shoot camera is capable of spectacular nighttime moth photography — but only if you get out of AUTO mode and learn to shoot manually with your built-in flash.