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— Bryan

Bald Eagle by Bryan Pfeiffer

Digital Cameras for Nature Photography

My Overview and Buyer's Guide Updated for 2020

December 5, 2019  |  by Bryan Pfeiffer  |  2 comments  | 

Revised and enhanced for the new decade, here’s my overview (opus) for birders, biologists, field naturalists or anyone else who might be looking for a point-and-shoot camera for taking better photographs in nature. Rather than simply suggesting “the best” cameras on the market, I explain how you can choose wisely among my various reviews and suggestions. It depends a bit on knowing yourself and who you want to be outdoors. Read, learn, purchase, point and shoot »


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  1. Ernest Williams says:

    Thanks, Bryan. Very timely review of digital cameras! I’m getting the Canon PowerShot SX70 HS so I don’t always have to carry my big Nikon and lenses. Your photos, as usual, are superb (…and that’s more than what camera is in use!).

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