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July 4, 2014  |  by Bryan Pfeiffer  |  12 comments  | 

A thunderstorm trashed the Independence Day party here in Montpelier yesterday. After cancelling the parade, the city shot some fireworks at 7 PM or so. Underwhelming is how I’d describe it – sort of like a drive-in movie at noon or stargazing at dusk. So here, from nature, is an alternative fireworks display from places I’ve been across the continent. Explosive stuff. Happy Fourth!

  1. Yvonne says:

    I loved your alternative fireworks and colors. Your photographs and writings are incredible! Thank you so much, Brian for making our world and your world so beautiful… that we have no other choice than to notice it.

  2. Kyle Jones says:

    Great show! My nomination for next year–Tall Meadow-Rue 🙂

  3. greenmtngrrl says:

    Way better than that sad display in Montpelier last night! Thanks, Bryan.

  4. Julia Roberts says:

    Nature’s delights!! Thank you for you amazing photography, Bryan.

  5. My kind of fireworks! Thanks Bryan. Meant to ask although I’ve seen it several times. What camera/lens are you using? May be better to email a reply. john

    • Bryan says:

      Hi Sue and John,

      Canon 180 macro now. Love it. I had used a 100mm macro. The 180 demands more stability. But it’s a beautifuly lens, an amazing lens.

  6. John Snell says:

    Lovely photographs and definitely rivaling even good fireworks! Even if the fireworks were “underwhelming,” though seeing them against dark gray clouds was interesting), it was fun to hear their loud reports against a background of deep, powerful thunder. Nature’s wonder really does trump our small creations nearly every time. Always enjoy both your photos and your writing. Thanks.

  7. Sue Cloutier says:

    We just had Mitchell’s Satyr in Alabama. Neat little butterfly. I love the mix of images. Thank you. Happy 4th.

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