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Monarch in migration

The Audacity of Migration

October 10, 2018 1:30PM Commodores Inn Stowe, Vermont

In the struggle for existence, migration is among nature’s great events. Birds do it. Whales do it. Even some insects move thousands of miles in spring or fall. Reporting from the frontiers of migration, Bryan Pfeiffer will reveal the secrets of migration from the perspective of a bird (Blackpoll Warbler), a butterfly (Monarch) and a dragonfly (Wandering Glider). With Bryan’s images, stories and humor, you’ll discover what new and innovative research tells us about how animals migrate to survive. This talk is brought to you by OSHER Lifelong Learning Institute.

Northern Woodlands Conference

Northern Woodlands Conference

October 12-14, 2018 Hulbert Outdoor Center Fairlee, Vermont

Join me and other eco-types for an informal weekend among writers, scientists, artists, educators and citizen naturalists. The Northern Woodlands Conference features writing workshops, natural history presentations, woods walks, and lots of thinking and discussion. It’s brought to you by the good folks at Northern Woodlands magazine, and is sponsored by The Bailey Charitable Foundation and The Trust for Public Land. I’ll be delivering the keynote address and guiding some nature walks. Read more »