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An English Shepherd Unleashed
(and off the farm)

On January 18, 2020, as the coronavirus was first appearing here in North America, an English Shepherd name Allie, living on hill farm in Vermont, gave birth to eight puppies. The biggest of her litter, a lovable goof his breeders named Moose (or Big Fatty), would go on to join us here in Montpelier. His name is Odin Briar.

Ever since he arrived, Odin has helped us survive the plague (while certainly adding to its challenges). He is the son of Stillwater Allagash (Allie) of Flying Bird Farm and Center Farm Wyeth Beckwith. Odin is named for the Norse god (who seems to be an all-purpose deity) and for Odonata. But by any name or lineage, Odie is joy. So here below are his ongoing joyous adventures

The Latest Odie

A running gallery of Odin’s more various adventures, most recently on Monhegan Island, Maine.

In various stages of not using his puppy bed (which he has now long outgrown anyway)